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Hi, Coni here. Coni is pronounced like "Connie", not "Con-nye" or "Cone-y". Get it right.

I'm a fantasy person. LOTR rules my life. I like elves, especially green ones. And I write. I like writing. I like reading. I read a lot. I read WoT, LoTR, and of course, HP, and HP fanfiction.

I sail on the D/G ship for HP fanfiction, simply because Draco is the coolest, and Ginny's second cool. Legolas is cool too. And I also love Cassandra Claire's fanfiction at . it's so good...and it stars Draco Malfoy! =)

My website: http://
Livejournal: http:///users/spiritgreen
DeviantArt: http://
Writer Spirits: http://

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