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Morgan is a former English major. Her favorite ways to spend time when she isn't writing include reading, surfing the internet, doing projects she found on Pinterest, bowling, and studying the Bible. She lives in suburban PA with her family and three wonderful dogs. She hopes to publish novels someday, and she wouldn't say no to a trip to space, either.

Her favorite things to write include: psychological thrillers, fiction, chick lit romances, novellas, poetry, and short stories.

The following projects are old and will probably no longer be updated:

Best Sisters Forever

I, Cooper

Writing Experience

1 time NaNoWriMo participant
2 novel drafts written so far
Three college courses in creative writing, plus one in high school
Lit mag editor in college, with 2 pieces published
Publication in the NJ Teen Arts Festival writing anthology (well, I guess I counted this ages ago...)
Two years of creative writing summer camp, with pieces published in both anthologies as well as zine creations

Where Else To Find Me

FanFiction: PurpleRose15

Wattpad: mmyersfictionista

Also visit morganmyerswrites dot wordpress dot com!

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