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Punk Quistis Trepe PM
Joined Aug '01
Welcome to No Spell Checker Anynomus! Hello. My name is PQT and I do not have a spell checker!...Actually, i do...but I'm recovering from the shock. Is anyone else in my shitty ass group? Getchoo Tom used to...but then Getchy got a spell checker...so it's just me...how pathetic...i'll start a new club! the sad-losers-who-have-no-one-else-in-their-help group-annonomus! Ya know what? Clubs suck...I could make that into a club...DAMMIT!

Fav. Authors at the second: GetchooTom, Socks, CT, head on a leash, Barker, and other people I don't feel like typing out.

Stupid Shit I'm working on:
"ISLAGIATT" Beleive it or not, i will finish it someday. Don't ask when.
"Leaving So Soon" Someday i will finish it. I'm just having MAJOR writers block though. It scares me...
"Game Shows with Blink 182": I have some plans for some future shows.
"WTPCUINPA": This is kinda hard but I have up to chapter 9 written in my little book thingy. i just gotta type/post it up.
"Cruel Intentions": The tale of Mark and Travis's affair.
"Sit down, Stand up Comedy" The stand up I write and perform.

Do I have anything planned: Maybe but it will turn out crappy and I'll die of all the flames I get. YIPPIY!

Things of the second:
Songs: "Queen of Pain" Alkaline Trio, "Bloodied up" Alkaline Trio, "Displaced" Alazure Ray and some others...too bored to write them down.

Movies: Erm..."Star Wars" (*bows head in shame* yes i am a Star Wars geek, go ahead and laugh)Anything with Ewan McGregor, A Beautiful Mind, Final Destination, Life as a House, SLC Punk(which is one of the best movie ever) and I REALLY want to see 'Girl, Interupted'

Music People: Dashboard Confessional, Alkaline Trio, Sarah McLachlan, Azure Ray, and some other people.

Now that you know shit about me, GO AWAY!...No wait! Come back!...nevermind, you're gone...

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