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The name is Drengade Rold Libale.

I generally fall towards the fantasy end of things. There are the occasional sci-fi (the world of the Janites, currently only contains Atrichos but there are others planned) or other genre, but they'll be rare. Also (looks sheepish) i'm not very good with the romance end of stuff (never had a girlfriend ;() so any help with that would be appriciated.

Anything posted with a (HO) at the end of the name is part of one series. The series is called 'The Heretical Omnibus', the Heretical Omnibus will become the complete account of the entire history of a universe from it's creation till it's destruction. (Hopefully). All my works link in to this one universe with The Heretical Omnibus being essentially a history of the major chronology of (most of) the world.

Please just ask if you can't pronounce any names, i am well aware that any words i make up (including my name) are pretty much impossible to pronounce. (Just to tell you, Drengade Rold Libale is pronounced D-ren-gayd Roll-d Li-bal-eh)

i'm going to be slowly (slowly) uploading maps for my stories to my deviantart account (), the Goroth map represents the world of Children of the Wyvern.

Completely coincidentally Drengade ended up being an anagram of deranged. The other words in the name are also anagrams, but these were intentional. if someone can guess what they stand for then good for you! I have nothing to give you.

I write this stuff for fun and, as such, will continue to write and post even if noone bothers to read or anything, thus i will not constantly ask for reviews, however, they would be VERY appreciated.

Just to explain the inactivity, i am working on something BIG and devoting Most of my meager writing time to it, as such my other stories have suffered considerably from neglect, i will begin updating them again when i begin uploading this piece, however that may likely take a while (24/08/16)

I have got back to uni so have EVEN LESS TIME. WHY DO THE DÆMONATA OF WRITERS BLOCK LOVE ME SOOOOOO!! I have the stories (for the most part) but getting them down KILLS ME.

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