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elfin starlord PM
Joined Jul '15, India

To whomsoever it may concern, this be the last will and testament of one... Kidding! Hello everyone, I'm a morbid, depressive, bored entity who sometimes comes to life through poetic epiphanies. Okay, that bit is sort of exaggerated too. Simply put, I'm a writer trying her very best to write something that passes for sort of alright.

That said, I love reading anything immortalized by words and my current favorite authors are Jonathan Stroud and Eoin Colfer. I'm very people shy and its only through the internet that I can speak so freely. Old classics from my native tongue ( which is this beautiful language called Telugu, by the way) are my go-tos for inspiration.

This is my first attempt at posting anything I've written anywhere, so I look forward to a great experience!


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