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On The Info Front:

Yeah, Senashenta has a FicPress account... but it's pretty much empty. :) I don't feel comfy posting much of my original work on the 'Net, and usually the only thing that gets exposure like that are snippets, either in my Fic Journal or my LJ. The only thing that's currently available to read here is Animal Tracks, and that's mostly because I don't really have any intention of looking into getting it published; if I ever do, it'll be through a self-publishing type place, and available for order.

Angel Fire and both Marked For Death and Away (from my THoP continuum) have been removed for the above reason. Those projects are things I do eventually hope to submit to publishing companies, and so I don't want them floating around in cyberspace if I can help it. My apologies to anyone who was actively watching for them.

As For The Art:

1) Orca from Animal Tracks Orca is not an anthro. None of the AT characters are; they are humans, with the skin/hair coloration pertaining to the animal they are named after. Hence Orca's skin being black and white. Her hair is various shades of black, white, and grey. Her clothing is in blues, to represent water. I drew her sleeping... because that's pretty much all that Orca does. :)

2) Cricket from Animal Tracks:Cricket's character design is a lot like that of a bard or wanderer. Her staff (which is the only weapon she is any good at using) also doubles as a walking stick. Her colors are greens and blacks (used for patterns and highlighting, mostly), and her coloration has changed a bit since I did this quick flat-CG--I'm considering making her skin light green as well, but I haven't decided on that for sure.

In The Nature Of Links:

Sena's Fanfiction.net Account: My not-so-original works, most of which are based on Mercedes Lackey's Heralds Of Valdemar book series. There are also the occasional Sailormoon Stars fic (usually using OC characters from Nagareboshi Destiny), and a couple of relatively odd crossovers. I'm currently thinking about writing some shorts using the OC Fruits Basket Jyuunishi that my good friend Cassandra-san and I are tinkering with.

Digital Mirkwood:The "official" site dedicated to my surprisingly popular Digimon 02/Tamers/LoTR crossover trilogy.

Heliopolis:My online manga, which utilizes a lot of bright, cartoony colors and is based loosely on Egyptian Mythology. I actually haven't worked on it in a while, so there are only a few pages... I'm considering going back and re-starting it, actually. Or possibly just getting rid of it all together...

Mystery Vale:Houses all of my Heralds Of Valdemar fanfiction, as well as a mini-clique (My Soul-Sib), and an encyclopedia of all my original HoV characters.

Nagareboshi Destiny: Cassandra Sisenta and I work on this together. I do the website and we both came up with the content--a complex Sailor Starlights site, which revolves around a timeline we created for the planet Kinmokusei. Right now there's no actual link to ND, as I switched hosts, and then got my account deleted when angeltowns had to hand over all of their Free servers to the FBI or something like that. I'm working on getting it all up and running again in a Paid account.

Sena's Livejournal:I got a creation code off etcetera-cat, and so this is where I ramble endlessly about the incredibly mundane things in my life. I also do random comics and artwork that only appear there.

~Senashenta ;)

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