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Hey reader! So this is my second time on FP and i really look forward to writing some originals and maybe even some Fanfic occasionally. My first time was spent more in the shadows of a reader but now i think im ready to let loose some of my own wonders.

Some things to know about me? Okay hhmm...

- I'm not gay/lesbian so i don't read or beta read for any writers who have a thing for this theme (no offense! It's nothing personal)

- I belong to a very conservative culture so i don't usually incorporate M rated scenes much but i guess i am coming to terms with the fact that its all part of the natural cycle so maybe some details here and there but please, NOT MUCH R rated requests

- I am not a fan of One Direction even though i quite like Harry Styles if he wouldn't wear such tight jeans and all (heheh)

- My best friend is a revolutionary so please expect some caustic remarks here and there regarding political issues

Now the more personal stuff (:-D)

- I'm totally single and I've never really been in a relationship before so i can't say i'd be THAT great with interpreting feelings and all, PLEASE BEAR WITH ME.

- I read a lot but nothing outside of Romance and History, maybe a little bit of Western and Angst

- I look forward to developing a crucial understanding in poetry

- I have one older sibling so i'm a bit spoilt but sibling rivalry isn't a big issue for me in my Fiction

- Most of my Fiction is based on true events, I'm sort of hardcore original when it comes to writing

- I'll be starting college in less than a month so even if i do publish something and don't complete it don't worry! I hate the HIATUS disease and i am not going to abandon any readers in the midst of a super cool story ( hopefully :-P)

Until next time!


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