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ISpyNerd PM
Joined Aug '15

Like most people, I'm a symptom of 5am sensitivity and compromise.

My life is like watching pain in slow motion.

I'm one part alcoholic strength, two parts extrovert admiration, and one-third jealous sensationalism.

Intimidation gets my high so give me some hot indifference, please.

I crave the new kind of satisfaction;

like any modern madman, of suburban cowboys and a touch of your soul.

I've been a sell-out, a thought-whore, 3D psycho.

But I'm clinging onto optimism, here with you and my dirty sanity.

Heaven's in the closet

trapped like deadly sound-waves or nuclear joy.

Like boxed religion because progress can't teach you everything.

Stay with me, and listen to my bones rattle in burning fear.

Or was it insanity in the closet?

Oh well, give me a hot punk and just a bit of bible.

Listen to the way they make my bones sing.

Raise your glass with me,

"to prisoners of consequence, and the freedom in a stranger's eyes.”

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