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Good evening, idiot hookers. (If you happen to watch that show...no, I don't watch Scream Queens.)

Welcome to my sad, sad stories. Seriously though. I like nothing more than a PTSD or a depressed character, so long as the mental illness is written well and is shown the utmost respect.

Perhaps you wanna know a little bit about me?

Alright, then. Let's see. My name and age and location and date of birth and sexuality are CLASSIFIED. However...

My hobbies would be: writing, reading, cooking, listening to music, making music and being morbid. (Also, I love aesthetics so much.)

My favorite book at the moment is probably Paper Towns by John Green. (Kind of unexpected.)

My favorite TV show ever would have to be Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

My favorite movie(s) ever...definitely Lord of the Rings. (All three of them.)

If you have any good suggestions for books or movies or shows you think I should read/watch...please share, actually. I'M A SLUT FOR PAIN!

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