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Hi! I'm CrimsonBlade21! I was on Fanfiction but recently discovered this place. Seems pretty cool to me ;). I don't know if I'll ever write stories here, but if I do, they won't be about magic or slash and they won't have cursing. Sorry to disappoint, but I don't like those things since I'm a Jehovah's Witness. If I do write a story, it will be an action/adventure one most likely.

Anyway, I love to talk with new people, so if you want to chat just send me a pm. Oh! Also, if you want to see my Fanfiction account, my name there is Victorsmyname (don't judge me :P). Now for my profile:

Name: Won't tell you. (Though if you look at my Fanfiction name it's pretty obvious...)

Age:won't tell you though I will say that I'm a teen.

Gender: Male

Likes: Going outside, playing basketball, talking/chatting with other people and making stories and OCs

I don't consider myself as a perfect writer, and neither should you,. Whatever stories I put on here will be the best of my ability though, so please do not come on my stories to flame. I hate that. If you like my stories, great so tell me. If you don't like them, please tell me why so I can improve better. If you want to discuss something with me, or just want to chat, you can always Pm me :).

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