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I am a citizen of Canada who is trying to locate her creativity. I am out of my comfort zone here but it is easier to hide behind the computer than sing and dance on stage lol! I ride a motorcycle and even that is easier. To all who read my poems please send a review if you find them decent and any pointers if they aren't are helpful. I just have to laugh at my learning curve I really haven't written anything since high school. Love all the Romantic era poets. Shelly, Keats etc.

Things I love are Led Zeppelin, and all the old rock star front men.

religious science,




spiritual subjects.

Books I love, Stephen King's psychological thrillers - Rose Madder, Delores Clayborn, Bag of Bones and his book "On Writing

Sorry people I just loved Gone With the Wind and bore my own Scarlett daughter (just the personality) - that character study was as good as any of Stephen Kings.

I'm attracted to anything that gets me emotional (good or bad) and that is what gets stored in the brain for later. So I also read Josei and Shoujo and some Seinen manga which gives me a nostalgic slice of life fix and some (no a lot of) escape. One favourite epic to mention is Skip Beat by Nakamura Yoshiki.

As a visual person I like movies and instant gratification so Hobbit Series and LOTR were viewed not read. I will agree though some books should never be movies.

Dreamarcher also on fanfiction.

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