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I'm a teenage amateur writer... Okay, maybe amateur isn't the right word... Okay, let's skip that part. I love writing. To me, it's a way to let the ideas in my crazy imagination to roam free and manifest in the form of words. Well, I stumbled upon FictionPress when I was strolling through the Internet for a place to submit original stories when I got sort of tired of the poor OCs had to offer. I'm a big fan of most things DC, Marvel, TVD, The Originals, Spy movies and Tv series and crazy awesome fight scenes- Written and Live Action. I love interaction cause I'm a pretty friendly guy. Constructive criticism is appreciated. Criticism in the form of insults and/or belittling is not as much appreciated, but I'd look into it provided it's not crap. Twitter Roleplay and taught me everything I know, so as a teenager in a constantly evolving world, I would really love to gain a lot of experience points during my tenure here. That's why I need the criticism. Don't be afraid to PM me, I promise to reply... Even though I MIGHT take a while. School, Y'know.

Note: For those of you that have been keeping up with my story, Dimension X, I just wanted to let you know that I've decided to delete the story, and start anew, this time, from the very beginning. Bryce and Chandler and the rest will still pop up eventually, but I wanted to relay the events that led up to the official formation of the team to you guys, because who doesn't love a good team up?

Alright. I better expand on the details.

I plan to start a Dimension X 'series'. It'll follow the adventures of the single individuals that made up the original team, and continue on from there. I'm going to lay out the format of the books now, so I don't go slacking off and with the excuse of lack of accountability.

1. Dimension X: Stryker.

2. Dimension X: Storm.

3. Dimension X: Origins.

4. Dimension X: Brandwood.

5. Dimension X: Darkness Reborn.

There's also a collaboration between PancakeOverdose and I to create another Superhero team in his 'The Crusaders' verse. For those of you interested in a straight-up Superhero original web-series with enough character growth, then head over there. You won't regret it.

Heads up: Due to the crazy amount of Marvel Cinematic Universe movies I've watched, my characters will continue to have a varying "amount" of snarkiness in them. Even the most stoic of them will engage in Sarcasm mode a bit. I'm also an avid reader of the TV tropes website, so if you recognize a few terms thrown into my stories, Yes, you're not alone.

"Do I need to post a quote here or what? I don't really know any quotes." - Me, Reality.

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