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I'm a little bit of everything and a whole lot of nothing. I'm trying to figure myself out through means of writing out my thoughts, fantasies and fragmented memories.

To me, words are to my soul what oxygen is to my body; both my salvation and destruction.

Sometimes I'm quirky, numb, funny, sarcastic, pessimistic, optimistic, realistic and all things inbetween. I once spent a whole afternoon posting large, bright neon sticky notes all over a town; each holding a positive, purposefully inspiring message. The entire time I felt both giddy at the prospect of potentially helping people, and utterly convinced that I was being stupid and getting laughed at.

On that note, (pun intended) if you're reading this, have a great day and remember that whatever you may be going through, it will pass and one day be nothing more than a memory. Things will get better...until then, just breathe, write it out, read, and fight xoxo

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