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If you love SweetyKinz to an unhealthy extent, copy and paste this into your profile. (Do any of you people even know who my beautiful stalker is?)

Welcome to the profile of the one and only KodiakWolfe13, mainly because there's only one of the usernames allowed on this site at one time! I dun know how much I'll actually be writing on here because I mainly do FanFiction but whatever! I'll do it relatively frequent, seeing as I wanna write for someone who doesn't do internet and I don't want to waste my time and write for one person. ANYWAYS, on with the stories and stuff. I guess...!

So yeah, if you're interested in FanFiction.net and like my writing style, you can check me out over on FanFiction.net at KodiakWolfe13. You'll know it's me because my profile is over a hundred pages long (it's way too long) and I have the same profile picture! See you over there hopefully! :D

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