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Hello! I am Bulgariansumo, or Bsumo for short if you want. I have two series that I plan to write for.

The first is Galactiquest, the story of a ragtag space crew making humanity's first trip to Neptune while learning friendship, self-reflection, and occasionally, how not to die! It's broken up into arcs based on the places they visit. I have the most written for this so far, more than halfway through the first arc, Moon.

The second is Hinimato, the story of a boyband with a simple dream: absolute domination of the charts. It's also about a bunch of goofy teenagers (and adults) stumbling to figure out fame, success, and life itself. It's broken up into 4-ish acts based on different points in the characters' lives. I've yet to write stories for it that aren't flashbackks, but I hope to get it started soon.

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