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4Streets Lying on four different roads, pondering the sadness of life.
Poetry: General, K, English, words: 150, 8/9/2003
2I wish It's the little things I wish for, just little things that would make me whole
Poetry: General, K, English, words: 117, 8/8/2003
3Alone Random angsty rant on being alone. Possible material for an Absurd Theatre monologue.
Poetry: General, K, English, words: 186, 8/8/2003
17Pride I cop a lot of crap for being unashamedly gay, and this is just how I feel
Poetry: Love, K, English, words: 81, favs: 11, 7/25/2003
3Passion What a glorious tragedy is a passion, what mournful joy and soulful howling at the moon...
Poetry: Love, K, English, words: 57, 7/25/2003
1This A sanguine addiction.
Poetry: General, K, English, words: 144, 7/5/2003
A Lady and Lord of Noble Pursuits ;) a cheeky short thing - oh-so-innocent are the ladies.
Poetry: Love, K, English, words: 87, 7/5/2003
3Carousel A rather odd habit of mine is looking at happy things and writing vividly unhappy poems...but this was fun, it's not that sad. Just...odd.
Poetry: Life, K, English, words: 35, 3/14/2003
1tip tap click Writing is never the same when you're typing...my 2:00 am contribution. R&R please.
Poetry: General, K, English, words: 117, 1/24/2003
2Love ooh...an R rated poem...it doesn't deserve it, really, just that it has a tidbit of swearing. Is love really so great?
Poetry: General, M, English, words: 110, 1/21/2003
1Humanity Contemplation of death and our reactions...yet ANOTHER dark!angst poem. PG for theme of death (because I'm cautious)
Poetry: General, K+, English, words: 93, 1/21/2003
1Joy Reflection on what happiness is...proving that I'm not all dark and dreary. R&R or S&M?
Poetry: General, K, English, words: 189, 1/21/2003
2Caramel Kisses It was really just a spontaneous thing, and though I've been told it seems erotic it wasn't intended to be. About the attraction of what we aren't supposed to want.
Poetry: General, K, English, words: 179, 1/9/2003
Monster All about nightmares...both literal and metaphorical. Written in an english class...hee. PG because I don't want to go disturbing small children.
Poetry: General, K+, English, words: 146, 9/22/2002
4Existential Mourn for a moment the futility of the world...
Poetry: General, K, English, words: 194, favs: 1, 9/14/2002
Anathema No vulgarity, it's just a little odd. This is the kind of thing I write while bored in my classes at school. Tell me what you think.
Poetry: General, K+, English, words: 144, 9/14/2002
19Two Little Girls Slash, slash, slash. This is for a girl who is very special to me...I love you squee
Poetry: General, K, English, Romance, words: 86, favs: 4, 2/9/2002
4Fire Slightly abstract look at a girl who has a fire burning inside her, but nothing to put it out with, and fire is ultimately destructive.
Poetry: General, K+, English, Angst, words: 134, 1/16/2002
1Tenebrae After a looong time away I'm back, and I'm uploading this song again along with anothing I wrote not long ago. The second one is a little short, but bear with me and review, and maybe it'll grow...
Poetry: Song, K+, English, Angst, words: 247, 1/10/2002
1Swan's Song hmm...jeez...look at the title maybe? It's about the Swan's song...rather sad, I will admit. R&R. Flames i like cos i'm a pyro. Bring it on.
Poetry: General, K, English, Poetry, words: 125, 1/5/2002
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