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Hola! ^_^ Hai! I'm back, but not writting fics yet, maybe later...no more Zim/Dib stuff though. I've really gotten over it...right now I'm into...SEPHIROTH! xD FF7 and CHRONO CROSS! EEEEEEE! And Kare Kano! ANIMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! KAWAII TSUBASAAAA! ARIMAAAAAAA! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!...''... D *Ahem* but anywaaaayz...I've deleted all of my IZ fics execpt for the Matchmakers and the Gazilocks one because I got such good reviews for them and I still think they're funny. =3 I've also taken off the Strike fic...it was so insulting, I'm sorry.
*Understanding peoples: It's ok...*pats back* We still wuv you!* *Mean peoples: DIE YOU EVIL FIEND OF THE FIENDINESS THAT FIENDEDEDED YOU THAT...oh forget it *stabs her and runs away*
o.O''' Um...I kind of need medical attention...? *faints*
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