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Gray Jedi 4000 PM
Joined Mar '16

Hello! My name is Gray Jedi 4000. I have an account on Fanfiction under the same pen name. Just know that. I do not write explicit material, since I'm LDS.

Favorite Colors: Bloodred and Black

Gender: Female

Age: Really? You think I'd tell you?

Eye color: One's yellow and the other's green.

Hair Color: Wish it was black

Religion: Already told you. So no swearing.

Fandoms in now: Artemis Fowl, Star Wars, Percy Jackson

Fandoms interested in: Doctor Who

Favorite Genre: Humor

Concern over popularity: 0/10

Likes being weird: 11/10

Idiocy: varies

Clumsiness: varies

Fangirlish tendencies: varies

Authoriness: varies

Writer's Block: varies

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