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1A Born Legacy Mary is a noble in Scotland with the Catholics. Ragnar is the King in Scandinavia of the Vikings. Mary has a secret no one can know. When she leaves Scotland on a journey to find something more than she knows she'll discover everything she's hoped to find and more. What happens when two completely different worlds collide and one alliance is formed? The world will never be the same
Fiction: Young Adult, K+, English, Adventure, words: 1k+, 5/19/2016
Let The Right One In If you have not seen the movie or read the book "Let The Right One In," then this poem is probably NOT for you. Or at least it won't make much sense, (spoilers). It's a great book though, I highly recommend it. I made a poem based off of the book/movie. Come check it out and see if you can recall the moments...
Poetry: General, K+, English, Horror & Supernatural, words: 459, 5/17/2016
Shadows Misery Here is my Edgar Allan Poe feel type of short horror story. Written around Samhain, (All Hallows Eve). I hope it feels as spooky and foreboding to you as it did to me whilst writing it...
Fiction: Horror, K, English, Horror, words: 1k+, 5/5/2016
2SILENCE I've always been fascinated by authors word play. How do they take something so simple and make it into a digress work of art? Something that can grab anyone's attention so that they can interpret it anyway they want. Well this is what I was going for when I wrote this poem. This is about me but it could also be just about YOU.
Poetry: General, K+, English, Tragedy & Hurt/Comfort, words: 373, follows: 1, 4/19/2016
1Seasons Seasons can be beautiful reminders of mother nature's influence on us and the beauty truly within.
Poetry: Nature, K, English, Poetry, words: 220, 4/19/2016
Flag of Our Fathers Let Freedom Ring and all that stuff... I'm not huge on politics or this country persay. There's a lot that could be changed but it doesn't change the fact that we are America and that there are people who fight for our country everyday and they are heroes- therefore we are proud. Proud of them, proud of us, proud of WE. The flag of our fathers.
Poetry: General, K, English, Poetry, words: 186, 4/19/2016
As I Stand I guess this poem is pretty self explanatory. It's a poem about life, about death, about myself, about everything really! I wrote this when I was younger.
Poetry: General, K, English, Poetry, words: 302, 4/14/2016
2 Sweet Dreams My mother and I have always had a very rocky relationship. I craved her attention like any child would of their mother at a young age. I wrote this to her, (sh, don't tell her) when I was younger. If you're looking for a happy family poem here. Don't. This isn't one of them.
Poetry: Family, K+, English, Hurt/Comfort & Family, words: 361, 4/13/2016
1 Journey's End Life is a journey. Good and bad. It takes a toll on us but we're only human. So, it's only natural. Life is a journey. One that which ends. Take a ride with me through my poem. Feel what I feel, see what I see OR make an assumption yourself. Poetry is just that. A journey of it's own.
Poetry: Life, K, English, Poetry & Tragedy, words: 263, 4/13/2016
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