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Hello there,

I am just one of those people that likes to write and thinks that written words should be shared. Why else do we write other than to have others read our works?

A few things about me. I love writing (obviously), horses, coffee, odd bits of trivia, reading, all sorts of music, drawing, beading, old movies (like old black and white silent movies), cheese, and definitely the color blue. Not necessarily in that order. I have been a writer pretty much for as long as I can remember and I am constantly trying to improve my writing. So, please, feel free to drop a review and let me know what you think and how I can improve. And, as always, I try to find and fix them, but spelling mistakes do sometimes slip through. Let me know if I missed one.

I like to write stories that have a message to them, but there are times that I will try something just because I can. I also will write something just to see if I can do it. I am always experimenting. A lot of my writing is music driven. I listen to many different types of music, some with lyrics, but most without, and a lot of it inspires me to write some sort of story. Random events and even the occasional word will sometimes spark something. New stuff is always in the works, so check back often.

Any story that I post is always a finished piece. I will never post anything that has not already been written out and completed first. So do not worry if you see a multi chapter story. It is finished if you see it posted here.

Feel free to ask questions and maybe even drop me a line with a prompt that you would like to see. I must tell you though that, as I am one of Jehovah's Witnesses, I will not accept anything that would be rated as M. I am not into writing horror or violent stories. And while it is not my favorite subject, I will write romance, but only if it is about the growing relationship. Anything beyond that is not something I will venture into. Magic and spiritism are also things I will not accept.

So, please, enjoy my creations and let me know how I am doing. Have fun!

Whether it comes from a prompt, experience, idea, inspiration, or just a vague dream, a story is something that can touch something inside of all of us. Not all of us have the desire to put down words onto paper, but we all have the same feelings, the same emotions. A writer is simply someone who wants to reach out and connect to the person deep within. And most of the time, even the most private person does not feel an invasion of privacy when reading the written word. So, in more ways than one, a story is the gateway to another world.


A quick word on my friendship series. These are just a collection of stand-alone stories that are written from a first person-second person viewpoint. They are not necessarily about anyone in particular since they kind of skip around in time. They are just stories that focus on friendship and the wonderful bond we can develop.

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