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Message me for the stories. I have them all complied in a note & they're updated regularly.

--Most of my writing involves superpowers, creative combat, maturity, immaturity, adult humour, psyche dramas, cartoony tone, kid empowerment, darkness, fictional crimes, silly comedies, ethnics & inventive horror.

--Recurring themes in my writing: anime inspired combat variety, anti-bullying, cartoony-like humour, character focused chapters, character qualities that reflect the writer, characters that rather takedown than kill, established group of friends, fearful characters, helping each other, hippie-like lifestyle, hybrid scripts since I love elements of manuscripts & screenplays, inner thoughts, intense fighting, introverts, meta narration, new stories come out when a show or film really inspires me, people I see as potential friends sometimes wind up in the stories, philosophical observations, psychological issues, surreal & grounded balance, taking matters into your own hands, tragic moments, vaguely described locations as to emphasize that this could happen anywhere, unique nicknames, very fun dialogue, voice-overs etc.

--Qualities that I love in stories: Action Packed, Climax, Creative Deaths, Dark, Deep, Emotional Range, Ending, Ethnic Diversity, Funny, Impactful Endings, Intelligent, Loveable Characters, Memorable Dialogue, Psychological, Relatable Themes, Replay Value, Self Aware Narrator, Special Romance(s), Stylistic, Twists, Unexpected Moments & Uniqueness.

--How Superpowers Omniverse is different from Marvel & DC: chapters that focus more on the threat, dead characters usually stay dead, disabled superheroes, ethnic diversity, female lead teams, homeless superheroes, more LGBT superheroes, more female superheroes, senior superhero, vague city descriptions etc.

--How Superpowers Omniverse is similar to Marvel & DC: dark, funny, inspired by characters like Batman, Deadpool, Dr. Strange, Green Lantern, Iron Fist, Wonder Woman, serialized etc.

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