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So I have finally decided that it is time.

(Off key kazoo in the background)

Time for change...

Actually, I just decided to change my bio from "White Chocolate Is The Best Chocolate. Fight me." to this . You must admit, it is a huge improvement.

First of all, my previous bio was unprofessional and rude. What gives me the right to be a white chocolate supremacist? That's just wrong. Secondly every letter of that sentence is capitalised, which puts me, as a wannabe-writer to shame.

What I was actually meaning to say is that I want to start a story but all my plot bunnies are either rabid or deformed (which can be cute but when I say deformed here I mean ugl-ay) so if you, for some bizarre reason stumble upon me years later and there still isn't a single piece of writing from me, you'll know that I haven't succeeded in fixing them.

That's all from me.

To the side and out,


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