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I love to help other people out with their writing, so as of September 15, 2018 I have officially become a beta reader. Those interested in using this service should look on that profile for details.

Hello, and welcome to my profile. I am planning to use this site to write things such as short stories and poetry, but that does not mean that will not change in the future. Also, those interested in longer works can look at my fanfiction.net profile, located further down.

I'm mostly interested in original fantasy stories, but that does not mean I will not do other genres as well.

In fact, other genres I am interested in are mythology, essays, general, fables, and supernatural.

I also enjoy reading and reviewing other people's work, as well as helping out anyone who needs it. If anyone needs help editing their work, I'd be more than happy to help.

I also post to Fanfiction.net, and that work is separate from this site.

If my “current” or future updates say “posting to fan ”, then I am currently working on my stories over there. In that case, readers who want to view my latest work should head over to that site. I am known as walkswithwheels over there.

The link for that profile is here:


Other than that, enjoy!

Current Works (as of April 6, 2019):

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Future Works

Posting to fan

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