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Hey my name is Akii Raptor (Ah Kee Raptor) but you can call me Liv.

I probably wont update much, here is my Deviantart if anyone cares: ArcaneAthenaeum

I dont know what else to say here. I feel like my writing is mediocre and sub par however I still get this overwhelming craving to write occasionally so here I am.

Some things about myself, I have Narcolepsy and Dermatographic urticaria, so I am either really itchy, really tired, or completely awake to the point where it feels like I am the fast. I am trash at league of legends and I am a filthy alliance member in WoW on a heavily horde pvp server because I guess I am a masochist and wanted challenging PVP as a restoration druid for some reason?

I draw occasionally, and I am really bad at it, however I use Sketchbook Pro for my iphone and sometimes ipad when I am not lazy enough to actually charge it (which is never).

I am not good at talking to others, I am pretty much introverted and I get tired after working for a vast amount of time on anything. So you have many months or year of inactivity to look forward to if you sub to me.

Yay you, congrats, if you got this far because for some reason you like my writing and are now reading my profile, you won a sloth, congrutalions.

Enjoy whatever the hell you can for content from me, because I am honestly terrible at writing, grammar, punctuation, the english language, and sometims breathing properly without choking on my own saliva.

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