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Well, hey there loyal fans! Nice of you to stop by!

Nothing much to tell about me. I have a dog, a computer and a good life.

I write Dark Angel fanfic, VCA fanfic and original stories as well. I love to write but I often suffer from writer's block, so please be patient. Por ejemplo: Don't expect any new chapters for "The Wanderer" for a few months. Terrible writers' block in that department

I do have a life outside of writing; namely listening to music, collecting posters, chatting, watching movies, sleeping and reading. But not in that order.

I LOVE to get IM's, so please don't hesitate to gimme a buzz and make friends. I love to talk about just anything, especially fanfiction. I'm usually on at five or six PM, sometimes earlier. Be forewarned: I talk too much!

MONTHLY BETCHA DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT ME: My New Years' Resolution is to not post any more stories until I have either finished those I desire finished [ex The Wanderer, or discontinue those that I don't think will pan out correctly [maybe Rose's Thorn].

Those that are discontinued will be saved, planned more thoroughly and then re-released at a later date. Until then, don't expect any new stories until maybe mid-summer. But let it be known I am feverishly working to get finished with everything!

I'd like to give a white shout out to all my white homies in Whiteyville: Alison, Danielle, Caroline, Stearns, Samantha, Darcy, Jezebel, Cloe, Katy, Steph, Joe, Matt, Sarah, Rayna, Jude, Royal Kurtness the WM Studhorse and Miss Meredith who makes me laugh!!!!

If you're on Yahoo, you can contact me at nebari_princess_6692. Later days people. Fiddle dee dee and a kiss. XOXO - CW

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