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Rosey Wolloe PM
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Hello everyone out there looking at my bio. What is up?
Well, lets see. I'm a (I'm sorry, your computer is too stupid and poor to accept this message, please send all money to Rosey and it will be fixed) year old writer. I write. (Uh. Duh.)
Most of my stories will be sad. I don't like happy endings. I like ones where the bad guy wins. So expect those, alot.
Also expect most of my stories to have at least some element of slash, bukkake, yuri, blah blah, jibbertyjabbit.
My favorite 'N Syncer is Nick, and my fav Backstreet Boy is Lance. I don't like Justin. He frightens me. He has a triangular shaped head. He sounds like Britney Spears.. *hides behind lance* Save me, yo!
I like Britney Spears. One day, I will ask her to marry me. She will say yes. Why? Because I'll get her drunker then f*ck. *evil laughter*
I will also take over the world, with my friend Carrie at my side. Kiss my a* now, before I do take over, and you might live.
-Peace, Love, and Silly Space Cowboahs.
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