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Hello. You may have heard of me. I am WaspSt1ng, but was once called Honeybee12. I like reading and writing stories, especially funny stories (it helps me restore my slowly-dying faith in humanity) and stories about revenge are my favourite. But I also enjoy reading psychological thrillers. I have written and self-published a book which is now on Amazon. I write for Fanfiction too, and when I'm on there my username is Foxtrot_Tango_543.

P.S. If you're wondering why my FictionPress profile is so short, it's so I can keep you and my readers guessing about who I really am. That, and I'm still building up an image. I don't get many reviews, favorites or followers, which depresses me. Reviews is how I learn to get better as a writer, and I'd like to have more of those.

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