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I hate writing bios.

I live anime, writing anything but bios, and poetry.

My muse has been in a bit of a slump lately, but I'm trying minna! I promise! I especially appreciate the reviews on 'Even Angels Can Fall' since it's my adopted fic, and I care a lot about it ^^
And yes, Seiya is STAYING a girl. End of discussion!

Date: 11-05-02:
Stories In Progress:
Even Angels Can Fall: 11/13 (Ending and Epilog left)

Stories On Hold:
Eternal Love: 7/9
Beneath the Calm Waters: 9/11
Letting Go: 7/?? Re-writing

Completed Multi-chapter:
Only A Memory Away
Silver Beginnings (Sequel to be released)
On Angel's Wings
Hold Me Gently

Completed One-Shots:
I Wish I Were Different
Reflection of Light

First Awakening
Endless Waltz

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