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Shaelyn Pagliaro PM
Joined Sep '17

College student, Aunt, Sister, Daughter...

I love to write any chance I get and I always have several projects going at once. I am currently working on typing up any of my stories that I have only handwritten so I may add them to the site.

I truly hope you enjoy reading them and if you would like to leave a comment I would love to hear some feedback.

Most of my work is short stories and some poems. I have yet to finish a full final draft novella, but I am slowly working on it. I hope to finish it by the end of the year.

Any of my works that may say Complete could end up having more edits as time passes. I like to wait a while and then go back and re-read them and possibly edit/revise them. Keep an eye out for changes. I will label the titles so that they reflect that changes have been made.


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