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Oh man! I've been on writers block, and mostly have been writing lyrics/poems. It's been such a looonnggg time since I've updated some hard-core stories...I dunno if I could pursue some of those ideas that were boiling in my mind soo long ago...Oh well, main gist of bio or whatever I'm trying to say...

Subject: "Rukimakino" (full name: Kuma *bleep*)
Interests: Writing poems/song lyrics, haikus, "Digimon ficcies", stories and a male teenager about 6'1" and 200 lbs who goes by the nick-name "Kippy". Likely has an obsession over this "Kippy".
Daily Activities: School, "head-bangs" to seemingly disfunctional music under the category of "heavy metal", and watches Korean dramas and cable chanell "Food Network". Seems to have an over-eating disorder, despite her slim figure. Favorite shows seem to be So This is Love [Sarangeun Irungkuya], Who is My Love?, and Yellow Handkerchief.
Occupation: none
Previous Occupations: none (future = psychologist...so sue me =P)

Upcoming fics/poems:


{~*~} 2nd chapter of "The Sea's Malcontents" (Sequel to "Fishing For Life") is going to be revised, and replaced with a new chapter sometime whenever writer's block syndrome fades away. [delayed/possible abortion]

{~*~} 6th Chapter of: "Upon a Stormy Night"(Sequel to "Dawn a Cold Night"). Valintine Digi-Tamer ficcie. LEERUKI/RULEE(Ruki/Rika x Jenrya/Henry) + Renakazu/Hirena (Renamon x Hirokazu/kazu) [possible abortion] Jeevus! Soo many abortions X_X;;;; Okay, that didn't sound right considering I'm a female lol


"Garden of Bums", my poem that I wrote...most likely will be rated R for usage of explicit language...Okay, so I use the "F" word a couple of times in the poem/song lyrics. Wow. I'm a bad bad girl lol [completed...need to find it and upload it]

Collection of poems/lyrics are going to be updated soon*


In {...}-

~*~ = writting/revising
* = thoughts/ideas about the piece

In [...]-

"aborted" = The piece is not going to be made for some reason (usually the reason will be explained)
"delayed" = It's going to take a while to do because of some reason (same as the above^)
"in progress" = It's in the making
"in session" = Almost completed
"completed" = It's finished

Watch your F*ing mouth!

~rukimakino, the writer =^.^= AKA Kuma-chan

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