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The Urban Writer here.

I currently have one ongoing story (a series really) that I'm really, really, really trying to finish. I have a few stand-alones planned, as well as short stories. I hope I get to them eventually.

I think a lot of writers can relate with me when I say that trying to write a story and trying to think up one are two very different things - both can be equally hard. Sometimes, in my head, I've already written the end to a book. But getting that stuff on paper is almost always a journey. I say 'journey' because it takes a while for me to come up with the right words.

Not that I have a problem coming up with words. Not at all. It's just that the right ones don't come out, and I end up with something different altogether. Lol.

So here I am, in an effort to practice my writing. I have vague dreams of publishing my work someday (Hello there bestseller list!), but I want to prove that I can write on a deadline. according to an outline, scatterbrain that I am. In the meantime, please be reminded that updates to my ongoing story - including story length (yes, that too) - may be erratic. But I hope you'll keep on reading. Thank you!

I don't know how to reply to your anonymous reviews if you comment without a Fiction Press account (go get one!), so anything I'd like to say to you will be either in the chapters as I update them (Author's Notes) or below.

Follow me on Instagram @allthewastedwords (personal) or @inkbloodechoes (business)

Ongoing Story:

The Hollow King, Arcane Book One

Planned Stand-Alones and Shorts:

The Deepest Blue

A Summer Storm

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