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Hello some random person reading this!!!

If you want to know more about me, here ya go. Read my random sh*t.

Name: BeautifullyFaded (Like I'm telling you my real name)

Gender: Male.

Favorite Animal: Owls. Why you might ask? They are night creatures like me :)

Favorite Color: I like a sea-green

In a Relationship? Nope and not really wanting on at the moment.

In college or not: I'm in college. Just doing stupid general studies atm. when I'm done? I have no clue

I am a person who's going to write stories about real things, whether they happened to me or to someone I know, they are somewhat real. Won't use real names of course, but some of these stories have lessons or just a story someone could relate too.

Also, if you don't like what I'm writing, THE DON'T READ THEM...got it? Thank you. Feel free to message and give me ideas. I'll try to get to them.

If you do decide to read my stories, then enjoy :)

Just keeping sh*t real

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