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Phineas Redux PM
Joined Feb '18

Status - Male, single

Age - 72

Hobbies - Writing mostly short stories on fanfiction and general fiction themes. Amateur photography.

Interests - Reading literature, fiction, and non-fiction. Classic Art. Listening to Classical music, 1920's-1950's music, especially saxophone jazz.

Over on I write about 'Xena, Warrior Princess' which may explain the companionship themes which permeate the stories I write about my own various female heroines. At present I write short stories about 'Drever and Cartwright', two female private detectives in a fictional city in 1930's USA. 'John Drage, Private Investigator', another P.I. in the same city and time period. 'Captain Clayton, Pirate', describing the adventures of Joanna Clayton and her amour Sandy Parker. Then comes 'Red Flume', a series set in 1870's USA dealing with two female ladies, Henrietta 'Harry' Knappe and Sally 'Snapshot' Nichols, who go their own ways together. Also 'Mathews and Parker', a series about flying-officers Claire 'Ricky' Mathews and Gabrielle Parker and their adventures during WW2 and 'Atalanta Haulage' stories about their post-war adventures. Finally there is a series about 'Redoubtable Films', a 'B' movie company in 1930's Hollywood and New York, dealing with two female Producers, Stephanie 'Stevie' Garroch and her lover Kelly Humber.

General aims - To present doses of drama, humor, thrilling actions, and a certain amount of Romance, to those readers who appreciate such.

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