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Hi! This is an account run by two people: (names Grace and Iris ) in the description of each story we'll write who it's by. If you (for some odd reasons)really want us to update when(We'll update but if you want a chapter and we haven't updated in a while you could do this) you can always PM us and ask us to.


If you wanna flame, fine, be a rude person. I don't care. Constructive criticism is deeply appreciated. The longest time span of not updated for me could range for two weeks- a month. Sorry!I appreciate all comments. I'm kind of new at writing so like I said: all tips are appreciated. I know writing isn't really good so be prepared. If you like my stories please tell me! I'll definitely update more if I know people are enjoying my stories. Thanks!


Hi people! I'm new to writing here, so feel free to give me any tips of any sort! As long as they do not include curse words or inappropriate things, you can just PM us any time! I have my own account called Iris Lavender and you should check it out after I publish my first story! But please review on our account too!

Here's our forum:https://www.fictionpress.com/myforums/StoryWisperers/1110978/

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