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Um yeah.


between 17 and 21 somewhere...I can't quite rememeber the exact number...

brown hair- my back is never cold (thanx hair!!) School is annoying-- nonsequitur?

My name is Joe Bob and dammit! I'm CANADIAN!(:puffs out chest avec le pride:)

I'll drabble here and there, but I'm lazy so I rarely post anything.

When I do write, it's for my own amusement or just because I *had* to.

I'm often on a lot of meds (just incase you randomly wonder) so I often write when i'm incoherent and too high to safely venture out into public.

Catholic schools are admitantly: The best fun a girl will every have. I'm keeping my uniform kilt forever, and it's going to be a major kink factor in my future marriage.
Isn't that nice of me to share?

Ponies, pie and squishy co-dependancy are my main staples in life, math class can go to hell.

Cualquieres, yesta todos que ustedes necesitas sabes.

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