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Irhaboggler PM
Joined May '18

1) Contact me at:

Discord: Irhaboggler#1740

Email: com

2) Read my stuff at:

Fanfiction .net, Fictionpress, AO3 and Wattpad

(All with the same user: Irhaboggler)

3) About me:

I'm a senior at IU Bloomington (for social work/counseling)

I'm 21 (born 12/13/1999)

I'm a cis female (she/her pronouns)

I'm bi/pan/queer (I, personally, use all 3 terms interchangeably)

I've been writing since freshman year in high school but only started posting in senior

4) About communication:

DMs always open to any/everyone for any/everything (I'm hard to offend, so don't be shy!)

I LOVE REVIEWS (don't hold back, be as honest as you can!)

I'll try my best to reply to every review, but if I missed you, feel free to DM me as a reminder! I don't mind!

5) About my writing:

I don't mind focusing on heavy topics like race/religion/gender/sexuality/politics/mental health, but if I ever represent any of them poorly, PLEASE TELL ME!!!

If anyone ever wants to use any of my work for any reason, go right ahead! Just add my name in there somewhere and link me to the final product!

I no longer take requests, my apology!

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