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I’m a twenty-something girl from the land of kiwis.

I LOVE travelling and photography so I currently spend my time exploring the world, taking beautiful photos, and writing about my adventures with my partner in crime.

I dance in the rain, sing while I bake, and am a sucker for the cheesiest jokes in the world.

I think brunch is the best, and drink copious amounts of tea from my crazy hoard of teas collected from around the globe.

I am a ridiculous hopeless romantic and I love to draw and paint, expressing myself creatively in a way I cannot quite convey with words.

I love to climb mountains to watch the sunrise, and walk along the beach barefoot to watch the sunset.

I try to live life to the fullest… to seize the day… to chase my dreams and all the wonderful and good things in life…

And the main reason for writing this whole blurb is in the hopes that I will inspire myself to someday finish one of my many incomplete stories sitting in a tiny little folder on my laptop, and maybe publish something one day..

For now, I love to read and am so inspired by all you wonderful, talented writers out there and the ways in which you are also able to fulfil my love to travel by transporting me to unknown places through your words on paper.. or more specifically, the screen of my iPhone :)

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