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My name is 12345, but you can call me Crystal! (I'm not actually going to tell you my name.)

I have been reading Fan fiction for years, but I just discovered Fiction press, and I feel like I have been looking for this place for ages! I have always wanted to publish my own stories, and I have started on a couple ideas, but have never found a place to publish them. I may or may not actually write stories on here, though. Sometimes I like to keep my ideas to myself. Dunno why, but I do. If you want to know anything about me, then visit my Fan fiction account! I have not written any stories on there either, though, so if you want to ignore me and get on with life then feel free to do that! (I won't be offended, because I won't know.)


I haven't written anything on their either though, so... no point looking, I'd say.

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