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I'm Australian. And I'm only telling you that because that's the only reason why I ever read these bios.

Join the game: /53dd1. I guarantee that it will be fun! Or at least, something to do in your spare time.

And I do... well, I guess you can kind of call it concept art? Lol. It's me working out what characters look like. So far I have Caden from Sorry, and one of James and Stets from Easter James at my deviantART account. Beware I am actually awful at drawing. As a result, Stetson looks absolutely awful since there's something funky happening with his nose. Cade and James are okay, though.

I created a wiki! http:///. It's basically rough character bios and location descriptions for my fics. Feel free to poke around. It CONTAINS SPOILERS. It's a work in progress and will probably contain slightly different information tomorrow. I have to go through my fics and notes to make sure that everything is consistent.

The epilogue to Easter James got deleted when one of our computers crashed. But I didn't like it anyway. I don't think I'll ever end up writing it again, so call that one finished.

Cobbled Together: A little choose your own adventure style story that I've started. Feel free to join in the fun by creating your own scenarios to add to the story.

JUST ADDED is episode three in the series. It's called Bridesmaid To Be and is from Bandy's point of view, documenting Hadley's wedding.

COMING SOON is the fourth East Peaks story. It starts off in the middle of the third, semi-written, story about Bandy. It's finished, but I've decided not to post it until I've posted the first few chapters of Bridesmaid To Be because that's where it fits in chronologically.

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