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Thanks to those people who are too stupid to be able to use the filter options, and avoid fics they don't want to read, I will no longer be here.

The rules on this site have been getting more and more ridiculous lately, and it all finally came to a head when they stopped music group based fiction. Isn't this place called fanfiction.net? Surely that means if you're a fan, and write fiction it should be allowed?

Apparently not. Not here, anyway. Especially if you've written warnings about the content of your fic, rated it properly and written a warning in the summary too. Hell, some people are STILL too stupid to read a fic they won't like and then complain about it. There are disclaimers everywhere, so why they had to ban basically EVERYTHING is beyond me. Just shows that wherever you go, the people with the power are the ones who lack brains.

Well, even if DO decide to sort things out here, I'll never be coming back, not even to read anything, so sorry all of you, but you'll have to move with me.

I'll be writing and updating more of 'Family Time...and some kittens', 'If You Don't Change Your Situation...', 'Love You To Death', 'No Trust?' and 'Mysterious Stranger', as well as working on some new stuff.

For all of you who give a crap and want to follow my fics, I'll be at a better site, here: http://

I suggest we all move there. They actually listen to your opinion. I asked for a Rammstein section and there was one up the next day.

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