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So um... this used to be real cringe... my friend was reading it out and I couldn't listen to it, so I'm gonna go ahead and make it better. 'Better'. You really wanna know who? That's the point of this, right? Welp- I don't know, so if you find out, then feel free to tell me.

I felt like adding to this today (today being a while ago)... What can I say? I'm really bored and should probably be doing homework? Exactly. What better to do than procrastinate and do anything but homework? Honestly, I don't understand people at all; emotions suck. 12-13 year olds are usually my most disliked people. All the people I know who are 12-13 are really annoying.

So I guess if you're 12-13 then PM with a compliment or something. Actually don't- that's kinda creepy. I don't wanna know your age, that would be weird. But if you know a 12-13 year old, then PM me if you agree. We'll start a protest against irritating children or something...

Also, I'm Beta reading now, so that's a thing. I'll read anything, K-M, but I'm not great at poetry, so you might wanna avoid me if you want deep, meaningful conversations about the purpose of life.

Actually, you know what? I'm great at deep, meaningful conversations! Just not poetry. Poetry is hard.

Enjoy your morning, afternoon, or evening!

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