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Just a writer who had an idea for Gundam with a female protagonist set in an original universe, but didn't know where to publish it. It's also up at my AO3 and FFN accounts which have author notes (You'll have to search for my AO3 account, since FP dislikes outside weblinks).

Announcement: If you didn't know yet, I'm also posting Gundam Gemini at a forum called Space Battles (which, again, you'll have to search for on your own... just google the forum and Gundam Gemini). If you go there and make an account, you can talk with me and others about the story, and hear about updates (and like my posts!). There's also extra stuff like character profiles and a timeline, and I'm planning more info pages in the future. So if you like Gundam Gemini, please come check it out!

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