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Hey there! I’m 2MusicLover2. I like to write in a number of genres, but mostly fiction. also, just a heads up, my stories usually end up a bit dark.

I’ve got three ongoing stories at the moment:

Fall—A superhero/supervillain story written in three parts and three points of view. I am currently finishing part three, which is currently 1/5 chapters long, and I will be updating as I finish it.

317 Years After—A post-apocalypse story about three different communities who are brought together in some not-so-great circumstances. I started this story about three or four years ago, but abandoned it, and am now posting it here as I go back through and edit all of the chapters. I plan to finish it eventually, but it probably won’t be for a while.

Path of a Shifter—A fantasy world in which three species are considered the most powerful (Humans, Shifters, and Witches), but none of them get along. The main character is a girl who is half-Human and half-Shifter, and it follows her and some others that she meets along her journey to find her kidnapped mother. Like 317 Years After, I started this story years ago and then abandoned it when I was only three chapters away from the end. I had originally planned for there to be four books in the series, and I intend to finish it that way once I finish editing and posting what I have completed so far.

You can find me on tumblr and on ao3 both with the same username I have here (2MusicLover2).

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