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C. N. Sweatt
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Well, first of all, my name's Candace. I'm twenty-four and attending my very busy junior year at East Central University. Due to the incessant boredom of the Oklahoma frontier (Yeah, right. Har har...)I tend to think up way too many new stories instead of focusing on the ones I have. And I'm horrible at updating. Bleh. I'm such a bad girl, aren't I?

06.27.09-Well, today I removed both stories and I'd like to say sorry to any of my readers who might have been interrupted while reading. I figure, also, that it's somewhat pointless to even have to explain why I took them down. Plagiarism. And lots of it--especially on this site. I'm sad that it's come to this, really. There's always the few that ruin the experience for the whole, of course, and this IS the internet, HOWEVER, I will not stand for anyone stealing my hard work. And even if it's not the best, it IS mine. Thus, the removals. I will no longer be allowing anyone access to any of stories, so please don't e-mail me ask for a copy. I mean...I'd like to trust everyone but really, it appears those days are gone. Sorry to everyone, but this is the end.

Thank you to all the readers I've had over the years and for the wonderful reviews you've left!

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The Dark: REMOVED.

The Killing Dance: REMOVED.

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