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Howdy! Call me Robin!

A few notes about me:

He/him, please!

I deal with a lot of anxiety, so sometimes that stops me from updating or releasing stuff for anyone from an hour to an entire week. I'm trying to push through that, though, so I don't think that's delaying me as much anymore.

If you find you enjoy anything I write, please review it, tell me what you liked and what I should fix.

And one last note, I take a lot of inspiration from what I watch and what I read. I might use concepts from other things. If you ever read something I wrote and you think I took the idea from you or anyone else I shouldn't have, please PM me and explain why you think that. I'll do what I can to resolve the problem, and if that means I have to remove or completely rewrite a chapter or even a story, then I'm willing to do that if it's what you truly want me to do, as long as you can prove I got the idea from you.

Thank you if you read and review my stories, and I hope to see you again!

Current Projects: (stories I'm working on or have published, sorry if this is incorrect)

Fanfiction - Any and all fanfiction will be posted on fanfiction.net

Be More Chill:

My Best Friend - Complete, Published

The Loudest One is Mine - Incomplete, 1 chapter published (and on a major hiatus because I have no motivation to write anything for be more chill)


Realmtale - The Fallen - Incomplete and discontinued, 7 chapters published

Realmtale - The Fallen REWRITE - Incomplete, 2 chapters published (yes, I'm still working on chapter 3, I know I'm taking a long time. It's almost done, I swear.)

Steven Universe:

Nora Timeline (I'm trying to come up with a better name for it) - Incomplete, not published (I haven't written anything for this in a while)

Original Stories - They'll be posted here

This is How We Disappear - first off, the name is a placeholder. It's basically a zombie apocalypse thing that'll be a bit more focused on rebuilding the world with almost no one in it. Incomplete, not published.

Here on fictionpress (also on wattpad sometimes) I also post poems that I've written, but that happens pretty rarely, and I don't consider them big or important enough to list them here.

Other Websites:

Fanfiction.net: RobinMur

Discord: ClodCut8XM

Twitter: Rebecca19994454 (yeah I know my username stinks)

Tumblr: ClodCut8XM

Tumblr is the only website that I use consistently, and I'd really appreciate it if you'd give me a follow on there. I post some of my art, and I'll occasionally reblog random funny stuff.

Anyway, I hope to see you on my stories (when more proper stories come out and I stop being lazy) and my PMs are always open if you need to talk about something. I do ask that you make sure you're keeping swearing to a minimum, and that you don't talk about anything NSFW. Aside from that, I'm always willing to listen!

-Robin Murphy

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