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If you are have a Fanfiction.net account, there is a very small chance that you might have heard of me. On the sister site, I write fanfics for Percy Jackson and the Olympians and related works, The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Hetalia, Escape the Night (seen on the Web Shows fandom), Minecraft and Minecraft: Story Mode, etc.

Personal Information

Real Name: [bleep]

Pronouns: She/Her, but occasionally They/Them when I feel like it

Regional Identity: Hongkonger, ethnic and cultural Chinese, Chinese by nationality according to the Basic Law

Nickname(s): Aqua

Current Age: Minor

Favourite Colour(s): Purple/Indigo, Silver, Turquoise, Blue

Hobbies: Reading, Writing, Researching, Watching YouTube, Listening to Music

Favourite (Music) Artist(s): Imagine Dragons, Set It Off, Simple Plan, Fall Out Boy, Skillet, Disney/Pixar, twenty one pilots, Panic! at the Disco, Beyond, Sam Hui, etc.

Romantic/Sexual Orientation: Questioning, aegosexual (ace spectrum)

Other Sites That I Am On:

Fanfiction.net (as AquaEclipse)

Archive of Our Own (as AquaEclipse)

DeviantArt (as AquaEclipse324)

TV Tropes (as AquaEclipse)

Tumblr (as aquaeclipse for main, eternal-bauhinian for local politics)

Discord (as AquaEclipse324#9448)

Reddit (as u/AquaEclipse324)

A more comprehensive list of my original works can be found on Archive of Our Own, under the Original Works tag. But for now, here is my list of original writing posted on this site.

And Then Karen Snapped - Humor, K-plus rated; 'Prompt: You and your family are on a two week trip overseas during the summer break. Write a diary entry about an amusing incident that took place yesterday', ft. r/floridaman and r/entitledparents; rated for mild assault; Humour/Drama; posted, cross-posted on AO3, written for a mock exam paper as homework

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