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In case you're new here, a here's a brief primer on my original verse: Daydream. The genre is Sci-Fi (both soft and hard elements), and is action and romance driven.

It mainly takes place in the 23rd century. The human polity is the Federal Alliance, or Alliance for short, an interstellar federation. There are alien polities, some friendly, others hostile. There's faster-than-light travel, augmentation, space magic, and more.

The main characters are all some form of artificial metahuman. Such beings are not actually very common in the verse compared to augmented natural humans, but are accepted, and the story focuses on their lives and perspectives, each very unique and dissociated from the normal human experience to some extent.

Violet: a large bioengineered woman, named for her namesake hair color. Primarily designed for combat, with a physical prowess and fighting skills beyond that of even the best humans, she is arrogant, antisocial, and sadistic, and that's on her best days. But she has slowly come to terms with a wish for experiencing other things, and be not just a weapon, but a person.

Revy: Violet's main battle partner, a being brought about by both science and magic. A monster who takes the form of a woman, a perverse predator with no equal, one who must be kept on a tight leash at all times, her unnatural speed and wide array of exotic abilities making her too useful to destroy.

Caitlyn: a very old android, her beauty and kindness hiding age and tragedy. With the more human personality of the main cast, she provides a mature, softer POV, in contrast with the other two. But her looks do not mean she is by any means defenseless, her energy powers and fierce intelligence commanding their respect.

Daydream has been in the works for years, but with little actual publishing. Current output: Three stories, Journey, Angels Of War and Apex Predator. On FanFiction (under the same author name), I have a non-canon one-shot crossover with Doom, Infernal Crossover. More stuff will appear as the muse strikes me.

My main inspiration to write is LogicalPremise, an author who you might know from his Mass Effect AU, Of Sheep And Battle Chicken, found on FanFiction. If not, I cannot recommend OSABC and his other works enough. Credit also goes to DaSkyBurner for beta-reading, and poking me into actually publishing something online and not just endlessly accumulate notes.

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