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I'm a thrust ship!

Do you know me? If you don't then read some of my fics... (Oh look he's trying to advertise!) Shut up brain! (Oh! I'm afraid! Mwahahahaha!)...Mwahahahaha! (Shut up you!)

I tend to deal with humor... Weird humor... If I ever do something other than humor consider yourself lucky for a once in a life time oppurtunity(Did I spell that word wrong?)... Well that was something stupid to say... Since Ive done something other than that... Oh yeah heres a stupid quote I made:

"We are all weird but we are all weird together"-Yay_thunder

Oh yeah im a tonberry supporter SO DONT MAKE THEM EXTINCT FINAL FANTASY PLAYERS! THEY JUST WANT PEACE!(Final fantasy is a rpg game series with tonberrys in ff6(Although in ff6 there called pugs) ff7 ff8 ff9 and poossibly 10 ill just shut up now.)
Oh yeah heres a stupid disclaimer for this dum bio since everything needs a disclaimer sigh...
Dislaimer: I don't own this bio fanfiction.net does now

-Info on fics-
Rpg glitche: Clouds rpg adventure 50% complete

2 stoopid hackers (Has been scarped cause i'm lazy)

-Stupid ideas in idea-

Rpg glitche: Love and the rules of rpg.

Fics that I despratley want reviewed.
FF weirdness: New year party of horror!... kinda.(I got a review from Grey fox saying that it was already a run away success since it had all ff chars from 1-9.. That makes me happy! YAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY- :blows up:)
Meowth and Bob.(I deserve a friggen review!)

-If I don't update don't think it weird. Because I could be dead because we never know when we might die.. k?-

Im running a program called "getting rid of the sh*t" it's used to get more crudy fics off fanfiction.net and make space so fanfiction.net has to have so much work to go through. I only reccomend doing this program if you
A: Have 9 fics or more
B: Are quite a crudy fic writer.

I don't reccomend it if you
A: Are a VERY good writer
B: Are a person with 8 fics or less.

Ok this is the thing. 1: Ask the people what top crudy :put in number: of fics you have.
2: Delete those fics.
3: Fanfiction.net has more space and less crud! Happy land!(Mwahahaha...)

There's the program in a nut shell...

Only YOU can affect the future on fanfiction.net

Update 15.3.02
Nobody reads these anymore... On another note though read this fic by light warrior... Borg stars in it. I make a appearence in the review section as they guy who went to hell and saw a gnome. here http://www.fanfiction.net/read.php?storyid=464028
...MINISTER - TRIBAL! Oh yeah want tips for reviews? Read this list by dark nation with the help of revs
And for those who want a preview of part 7(I'm just being stupid here) tell me. And I'll put the preview up.
Update 16.03.02
...Well I'm dumb. Dude! I'm so stupid! Read what viobia said to me.
"Well...um; not to bring you down, thunder, Cassidyrai@ is someone elses. borg just used that name to review peoples' fics to make people hate her. She wrote a hate fic on Borg."
I'm so sorry! Whoever has that e-mail I'm so sorry! I'm so stupid I should think before I actually think.

Update 25.03.02
I added a fill in to rpg glitche part 7 will now be part 8. On another note I'm going to reveal my e-mail address so now you can spam me or flame me! Waste time! Yay!... And also check out ruff comic and sign the guest book at /yay_thunder

Update 31.03.02
Yes! Someone other than me knows that cow and chicken episode! YYYYYAAHHHHHHHHOOOO!!!!!!!... Oh yeah! Review my fic I'm doing over easter. It's called "Vivis adventure" I had the idea of doing a cloud/yuffie or something to do with vivi. Viobia made the choice for me so thanks goes to her.

-Update 2.4.02

April 1st, Monday 2002 -- The upload process has been revamped to reduce the most common errors and mistakes. Please read the instructions after login for usage information.

As of today, the following two types of entries will no longer be allowed in any section due to persistent abuse:

Lists : types of writing void of plot and is as the name implies, just listings. ex: Top 10.., Reasons why...
MSTs: types of writing where another story is copied word for word from another author with comments inserted between the original text.

Existing lists in the misc lists category and existing MSTs will be removed starting April 21st. ...Well nutz.

Update again April 2.4.02
Before the 21st arrives I'm getting "Ff weirdness: New year party of horror!... kinda" msted by the author called Quistis' twin sister Sunny
lets wish her luck. Oh yeah ask if you want to mst anything and I'll see if I will allow that. The only rules is keeping it Pg-13 and that's about it...

-Update 5.4.02
Yaythunder: Hello!
Man: Do you want to be happy?
Yaythunder: ...Err I suppose.
Man: Then do you know the way to happiness?
Yaythunder: No.
Man: IT'S TO DIE!!!!!!
Yaythunder: ...*Hits man over the head with a pan*

Update 8.4.02

April 7th, Sunday 2002 -- As today, actor based stories are no longer allowed. Actor fiction are stories revolving around the real actors that have portrayed fictional roles in tv shows or movies. Writing about actors behind a fictional work has very little to do with the work itself and is not a part of FanFiction.Net. As much as we would like to be, FanFiction.Net is not designed or structured for writings of every possible format. We do want to encourage writers who wish to author these types of stories to have the initiative to create a dedicated website for their unique needs. The updated rule is in effect immediately and authors with affected stories will have until April 21st to backup their work. Um... I don't write actor stories... But... Yeah...

-2nd update 8.4.02-
Yaythunder: *Begins eating noodles* Ya know *Chomp* New thought *Chomp* I think that we really *Chomp* don't need to get rid of *chomp* the lists and *Chomp* msts. They're *chomp* One of the best things *chomp* On fanfiction.net *chomp*. I have a idea *chomp* that will not result to fanfiction.net *Chomp* removing msts and lists. *Chomp* All we need to do *chomp* is get rid of the *chomp* Yaoi and Yuri fics. *chomp* Becuase when you think about *chomp* it... Those idiots should really just get their own site so we don't have to see their sick stuff in the sections.
Yaoi girl: Hey! We have a right to write what we want!
Yaythunder: ...Have you got another excuse *chomp* to write those sick fics?
Yaoi girl: ...Because I like to.
Yaythunder: ...GET OUT OF MY BIO SICKO!
Yaythunder throws the yaoi girl out of his bio.
Yaythunder: That's better *chomp* because at the end of the day... They really should get their own site.

Right after reading this Yaythunder is seen on 9863 author hate lists*

-3rd update 8.4.02-
GRRRRRR!!!!! Some people are angry about my opinion. I don't mean offense to gay people and lesbians. I meant offense to the stupid under age girls who write yaoi fics. And the guys who write about yuri. It's them I'm angry at. Being gay is normal it's just girls who write about gay people that just isn't normal. Look if you really can't see it from this point of view because you're a girl then read this point of view(C and ped... Sorry). Being a lesbian is normal it's just boys who write about lesbians that just isn't normal.
There now if you can't see anything about what I am thinking then I really must be stupid because I can't think of another way to try and say what I think. *Gets frustrated by people who still haven't seen my view* Now if you mind I'm going to get off that subject now.

Can't think of a idea for my comic... But I urge you to read the msting of ff weirdness: New year party of horror!... Kinda msted by sunny. Read it!

-4th update 8.4.02-
...*Realizes nobody actually cares about what yaythunders said*

-update 9.4.02-
Now you can fill me up with flames! *Wonders if this will do anything*

-update 14.4.02-
The following is evil... YOOOOUUU!!!!! Yes nobody cares do they! Especially YOU evil girl! *Calls upon bonzi buddy*
Bonzi buddy: I'll get YOU nobody can escape my wrath! *Throws hacker bomb at fanfiction.net*
Yaythunder: ACK! I'm in fanfiction.net you idiot!
Bonzi buddy: To bad! Mwahaha! Everybody hates... YOU! *runs away with hacker bomb*
Yaythunder: ...
Yaythunder's a double dumb noob and is hated by most authors. Oh yes did I tell you I might make a comic to do with zim? Even though I didn't watch the show.

Today is the sad day... The lists and msts are being removed. There's no list section anymore. But visit sunny well you still can. She finished it. I say thanks to her.

Well time's coming along... I'm going to do a "Ask Cloud the under-rated guy" thing. But I heard a ask zidane fic was deleted. Maybe it was considered a list. I'm going to wait and see what happens to things like that before I submit it. I have had 1 list removed because it was in the wrong catergory. I don't want to add more. And anyone who steals my "Ask cloud" thing(That means just a ask cloud not a ask anyone else) i'll complain to them.

Thankz you people for reviewing my fics. What do you think of my new short story?... Instant messenger? Dude

I just want to say hi to borg the flamer. Welcome back borg. If you get a flame from him say hi to him for me.

Happy mothers day people. And I say hi to borg who says he hasn't flamed my story but he has because says peoples reviews are 1 more than it is. And want to know who that 1 is. Borgs flame. But it got removed. Hahaha borg ya weird one. Oh please remove this I hate it and i'm going to whine about it and try and discourage you by blabbering on.

-Update 12.5.02-
I added my comic to the homepage thing. Please read it it might offend you if your a sap.

Yay! I got my first guest book entry that isn't me! It's from borg! Everyone look at it and thank the person.
-Update 14.5.02-
Um yeah fill-in in my comic thing. Go me.

Hahaha! Borg your so funny.

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