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Hey, I love to write stories and have an account on FanFiction with the same username though I have not uploaded anything. So on there send me some request every week I will write a quote of the week this week it is

Your path is not decided by destiny -Break destiny and chose your own path because you have your own choices and your own decisions . Define what those in authority tell you to do -not always- and always find a way. Much like hazel defying a god for god's sake (see what I did there haha) from Percy Jackson.

Please try to leave me some views on my poems and stories please and if you guys have any ideas for a quote of the week or for anything send me a view PLEASE DO NOT PM ME

I will also possibly be writing descriptive writing if anyone would like to send me a review of an image.

I am also writing a remake of snow-white so I might post that up on here.

Signing off for this week keep a lookout for the next update of both my profile and my new story on fanfiction is used by my friend ethier DemiAdvenger or A notebook in a novel to a book account If any of have read that well I am writing how luna meet Ethan -Luna


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