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Spectra1 PM
Bio Fav: Authors
Joined Oct '01
Age: 18

Sex: Female

Interests: Invader Zim (I LOVE Dib the best! ^_^), MST3K, Eiffel 65, Anime, drawing, writing, paranormal stuff

Kinds of Fics I do: So far I've only written a few 'Invader Zim' fics; One drama/action, a couple comedies, one song fic, and a self-insetion. You'll never see any slash from me (not because I think it's wrong or anything, but because I have no desire to write it, and besides it's been done before) and only in one of my stories there is the smallest, tiniest hint of ZAGR, but it's so unnoteworthy you would miss it if you weren't paying attention.

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